The real Hello World

It has been many, many years since I’ve used WordPress. It’s actually a really nice tool, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. I’ve literally done nothing to this site, and I’ve only written this meagre post, but the layout, the functions and features and the general cleanness of the interface is nice. So long have I only used static blog sites that require writing in text editors. Not that they’re not nice to use but they’re constrained by the nature of text editors. They could do what WordPress is doing here but they don’t as they have many other purposes. I also enjoy the image processing capabilities out of the box. Images with static sites are always such a drag and require determination to get setup well. Probably there’s various services or CI tools to auto do stuff to images but that’s equally a faff to figure out.

I’m still not sure I’m going to keep this site, or if I keep it, use it. I think I have some interesting things to write about, and I always like the idea of sharing them. I’ve found other people’s sites of bits and pieces always to be interesting. Even if no-one does find it interesting, then I enjoy looking back on my own posts. One reason for keeping old sites going, even if there’s minimal content added recently, is for going back and seeing what was written in the past. As well as the words and the picture of the post specifically, there’s also the memories of the time of writing it. Thinking about in and around that day that old post was written. For a long time I had a Dokuwiki instance running which I kept as my wiki. I also tried a few journal posts in it and monthly summaries and time related items. Those didn’t last that long but years later I liked going back and looking at them. Having them on a website that you can just browse through is akin to the physical journal that you can flick through years later. Yes I can write a journal in an app, or in plain text files, but if there’s no entrance to it, if there’s no structure or physical or metaphorical flicking through then I’ll never look at them.

A physical book

I periodically buy physical textbooks. I still don’t really learn much but I open them a lot more than an ebook on my computer. The ebook is probably more convenient to learn from but if it never gets opened then it might as well not exist.

This welcoming post is neither very welcoming nor presenting a welcome and is in fact more along the lines of generally waffle about physical products. Plus a hint of reminiscing about Dokuwiki – which I tried to get back into and just couldn’t. I don’t want to relive my Tiddlywiki vs. Dokuwiki struggle, and likely Tiddlywiki would still win but I do have a soft spot for Dokuwiki. It reminds me of certain times.

Static or dynamic. I still struggle with tags and categories.